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We bring you the best fruits nature has to offer

Take a bite of the crunchy dried fruit we produce for you

in the heart of the Czech Republic

- in Herálec (Vysočina region)

We dry fruit using ecologically friendly technology without added sugar, fat or preservatives. We produce first-class slices, rings, cubes and other shapes from fragrant and healthy fruit on the most modern fruit drying line in Central Europe. Dried fruit is excellent eaten on its own or as an ingredient in other products.

We supply crunchy dried fruit to leading Czech and European producers of müsli, porridge, snack bars and other products.

Are you looking for a different experience for your

customers’ taste buds?

A stable supplier?

Offer your customers the excellent taste and aroma of dried fruit in your products. We can also provide you with pleasantly crunchy fruit with first-class flavour and delicacy. You will increase the competitive edge of your products and gain a reliable supplier of raw ingredients that meet all European legislative requirements.

We are inspired by our children, who love home-dried fruit. For this reason, we wanted to develop the idea of healthy snacking further. And so, a unique drying technology concept was born. Technology that keeps the fruit full of flavour, while making it pleasantly crunchy and yet so delicate that it literally melts in your mouth.

Support the environment with a 100% eco-friendly product

How can you influence nature by choosing the right supplier? Here's how: choose our products and be sure that they are produced completely ecologically with a low carbon footprint. 100% of the energy used in production and drying comes from renewable sources. Be it heat or electricity. We buy apples preferably in the Czech Republic and the nearby Central European region, thus eliminating the ecological burden of transport. We sort waste from production and part of it is further used for energy. So what, will you choose an organic producer from the heart of Europe?

We are a certified manufacturer of BIO products
and holder of FSSC 22000 certification

Rest assured that you will receive apples produced according to the strictest food production standards. We have years of experience with drying apples. We regularly check the high safety standard of our production by certified auditors according to the FSSC 2200 standard. With us, you will receive a product that you can use in your production simply and without complications.


Utilize our crispy, fragrant and flavorful dried apples into your recipe

Imagine deliciously fragrant apples, the kind you would choose for your own table.
That is exactly how we dry these healthy crunchy goodies for you:

Apple slices
Apple slices
Apple sticks
Apple sticks
Apple chips
Apple chips
Apple cubes 10 mm
Apple cubes 10 mm
Apple cubes 4 mm
Apple cubes 4 mm
Apple powder
Apple powder

Are you interested in purchasing our crunchy products
or collaborating in their sale?

Contact us, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities for collaboration with you over a cup of coffee.

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Where to find us

You will find our ecologically-powered drying plant in Herálec near Havlíčkův Brod.

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PETRUSKA, a. s. successfully applied for a subsidy from the Rural Development Programme.

The objective of the project 'Investment in the Herálec Drying Plant', registration number 16/003/0421b/563/002897, is to transform part of a former agricultural site in Herálec. The project has seen the construction of a new production and storage hall for manufacturing dried fruit products. It includes a small shop that sells dried products from PETRUSKA, a. s.

The objective of the project "Technological retrofitting of the fruit drier", registration number 17/005/0421B/563/002320, is to invest in the processing operation leading to an increase in the added value of agricultural products. The subject of the project is technology for the production of dried fruit products at PETRUSKA a. s.




Kaštanová 64
620 00 Brno

IČ: 292 66 840
DIČ: CZ29266840

The company is registered at the Regional Court in Brno, file number B6300.

Manufacturing plant with a shop


Herálec 290
582 55 Herálec

Opening hours of the shop: Wednesday 9:00 - 10:00 hrs


International sales

Ing. Jakub Schneider
+420 602 183 081